My pH is very acidic. What do I do now?

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You are not alone! Many people find upon testing their pH that their readings are more acidic than expected. The best next step to take is to incorporate more alkaline foods into your diet. The Alkaline for Life® diet consists of a balanced, whole-foods approach to self-nourishment. By taking control of your diet, you are taking the most important step towards generating an ideal acid-alkaline balance. In order to maintain a healthy acid-alkaline balance, your diet should consist of 60 to 80% alkaline-forming foods with the remaining 20-40% being acid-forming foods. Below are some resources you may find helpful: 

Dr. Brown also has an online course called "Alkaline Diet: The Doorway to Optimum Health." This course can be found on our social media platform the Tribe. You can learn more and sign up for this course here. By purchasing the course, you will be prompted to create an account for the Tribe. You can then sign in to access the course.

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