Why do we test the first morning urine?

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The kidney is very important because it helps control the balance of acid and base in our blood. It does this by getting rid of extra acids and bases through our urine. If our blood becomes more acidic, our kidneys put more acid in our urine. If our blood becomes more basic, our kidneys put more base in our urine. By looking at the pH of our urine, we can learn about the acid-base balance in our bodies.

The pH of our urine can change throughout the day because of the food we eat and other things. To get the most accurate pH measurement, we should check the first urine in the morning after a good night's sleep without eating or going to the bathroom. During this time, the pH of our urine becomes equal to the pH in our bladder and urethra, giving us a pH number that shows the acid-base balance in our body.

We want the pH of our first-morning urine to be between 6.5 and 7.5. This means it is a little bit basic or a little bit acidic, which is just right. Remember, a pH of 7 is neutral, right in the middle.

Special Note: If one cannot sleep 6 hours without urinating, then it is acceptable to measure the first-morning urine when one wakes up for the day.

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